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The Learning Center provides a continuum of individualized services to students with special needs at a variety of grade levels. Students receieve individualized instruction that are aligned with their IEP goals and objectives, Common Core Standards, and school based curriculums. While in The Learning Center students work on developing independent, instructional strategies to support their learning in an inclusive classroom. Students participate in the classroom with their peers throughout the day as well.   


Discrete Trial Instruction

Students are assessed using discrete trial training, based on their IEP goals and objectives. 
Discrete Trial Instruction is a highly structured teaching technique that involves working one-to-one with a student in a distraction free setting.  Instead of teaching an entire skill in one session, the skill is broken down using discrete trials that teach each step one at a time until the skill is mastered. 

Useful Websites


(You can go on and print out any level reading passages with questions)



All subjects- fun games, activities for students


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(Your student should have an account through their classroom teacher: login/password=lunch number)


Community Resources


Baseball League for Students with Special Needs



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