With the start of this new school year, the students of all grades jumped right into a busy season of creating!  The upper grades (4 - 8) kicked off the year by creating Olympic athlete sculptures with wire.  This is in the style of sculptor Alexander Calder whose huge red stegosaurus sculpture is outside at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford!  And grades 4/5 got to see that, and much more, on their field trip to the museum this September!  We have a fantastic display of these sculptures, prepared by our 8th graders, in the main hallway of our school so please enjoy when you come to Breakthrough! 

Younger grades have been studying the elements of art: texture, and also line.  We made our own paint ("puffy paint") with shaving cream and with sand. 

To celebrate the beauty of autumn, all grades enjoyed sketching the trees in our playground with detailed linework!  We were inspired by the artist Van Gogh.  Then we learned various techniques of watercolor brushwork and added vivid colors to our nature sketch.  The results are magnificent.  Many are displayed throughout the school, so please have a look if you are in the building!

Currently all grades are beginning another unit of sculpture, this time with clay!  Ask your students what clay is, where it comes from, how people from other times in history and other cultures have used clay, and ask them what they like best about creating with clay! 

The art room at Breakthrough II is an exciting place!!

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