Breakthrough Magnet North Campus is a school where families and teachers work together for academic success. We stress purposeful learning in which students gain knowledge, utilize higher-order thinking, exercise the mind and body, and value the educational experience. Parent participation is key to student success. It can take many forms, including but not exclusive to: attending school assemblies, serving as a member of our school governance council, volunteering in classrooms, serving as a member of our PTO, attending school events and parent training, or chaperoning a field trip. We also support parents doing school-friendly activities at home such as reading with their child, supervising homework, preparing their child for school, or playing games together.

The Breakthrough Magnet North Campus model is organized around a rich character development theme, which permeates all that we do with students, parents, staff, and community members. Breakthrough students are instructed in various problem-solving strategies and communication techniques. These include HA HA SO strategies for handling bullies, the use of I-messages, use of committed complaints (those made with the commitment to finding a solution), making requests and negotiating agreements, and using a 4-step problem solving approach.


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Breakthrough II Magnet - North Campus
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