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Junior Achievement Day! Junior Achievement Day! Thank you to all our Junior Achievement volunteers from the UCONN School of Business...
Breakthrough North was on TV!! Breakthrough North was on TV!! Big News! Today our segment about Mrs. Steven’s Donors Choose project aired on...
STEAM Night Success! STEAM Night Success! Our first STEAM night was a huge success! Shout out to Mrs. Gilyard for putting...

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BREAKTHROUGH II Magnet school is excited to introduce our first Basketball team.  The team is coached by Mr. Sprague and Mr. Curti.  They are currently 2-0.  The team has displayed awesome teamwork and good sportsmanship.  They have set a goal to show other schools how to be a B.R.I.C.K





The Entire Middle School ventured to the Wadsworth Anthenum to experience art and create their own artisic pieces through photography.  This trip combined art history, museum tour and a hands on art activity.





Peek into Our Curriculum Work within Each Classroom


ELA in Middle School:  

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Math in Middle School:  

During the first term of this school year, our students have been hard at work in math:

In 6th grade, we’ve learned about unit rates, solving problems using ratios, dividing fractions, multiplying decimals, and we are currently working on long division with decimals!

In 7th grade, we’ve learned about proportional relationships and rates, finding a constant in our ratios, finding scale factor, and integers (negative and positive numbers)!

In 8th grade, we’ve learned about transformations (translation, reflection, rotation), the concept of similarity (using dilation), solving for “x”, and we are currently working on writing linear equations!

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Science in Middle School:

6th grade has begun to learn about the ecosystem and how it works in harmony.  Students are currently researching habits and the ogranisms that live within them.  Each student has chosen a habitat to learn about.

7th grade is till exploring anatomy and the Bodies "Systems."  We are currently learning about digestion, nutrition and disorders associated with the digestive system.  Students are preparing to present to the class on a topic they selected as it relates to the digestive system.

8th grade is learning about changese in matter.  We have conducted several labs this month that focus on physical and chemical changes in matter.  Students are also learning to differentiate between the different states of matter and how matter is all around us.

Organisms and Visitors in the Science Classroom

Last School Year, we had a visit from Adam Harris of "Harris in Wonderland". Adam Harris has a Biology degree from Hartwick College and has been keeping and breeding reptiles for close to 20 years. Traveling to Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia, the Bahamian Islands and across the United States has allowed Adam to study ecosystems and environments first hand.  This insight was shared with our students as they connected this visit to the information we learned in our classroom content lessons.  They were able to meet over 10reptiles in the classroom.  Students asked questions, made connections witn the content and some dared to pet the animals.  It was a great day.
























Gecko: Lola has returned to our classroom.  She is a gecko and the students love spending time with her each morning. Geckos are lizards, found in warm climates throughout the world. They can grow from 3inches up to about 12inches.  They can live about 10-12years. Geckos are nocturnal animals.  Most geckos cannot blink, but they often lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. Leopard Geckos are one of the most popular lizard pets.  They are hardy, easy to maintain and require little space which make them a perfect companion for individuals and families.  They are very docile and friendly animals that can be handled without worrying about apggression.

Lola3 11

The CT River Salmon project returned to our Science Room.  We are housing and nutring salmon eggs until April/May.  In the spring we will return the salmon babies (Fry) to nature during a field trip that the entire middle school attends.  This project is in place to help preserve the exsistence of the Salmon fish in the CT river.  Students learn about the growth and maintenance of the eggs as they work to help the eggs survive and hatch. Students clean, monitor and adjust fish tank temperatures in this classroom.  They learn about the Salmon fish in our ecosystem and about the life cycle of these fish.  It is a hands on learning experience that connects students with the classroom and the world.


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